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The Panthers All Star Cheerleading program is the best in Lake County, Ohio.  Our highly trained, well certified, dedicated coaching staff and our new, cheer centered facility offer a safe venue for cheerleaders to perfect their stunting and tumbling skills. The Panthers cheer competitively on the National Level as well as the Prep level. We also offer beginning cheernastics and tumbling classes.


Our All Star cheer-leading teams were extremely honored to receive the first ever USASF Leadership through Sportsmanship Award in 2010!!  Year after year, we have won numerous National and Regional titles. During the 2016-17 season, our teams earned honors as Cheerlebrity National Champions and D2 Champions, Athletic Championships Nationals Championships D2 Champions, and American Cheer Power National Runner-up. After sending 2 teams to the D2 Summit last year in Tampa, where our Youth team finished 5th, out of over 60 teams, we are proud to have Vengeance, our Senior Level 4 team competing at the D2 Summit in Disney this May.  We are proud to have won countless specialty awards including Sportsmanship, Most Entertaining, Best Mount, Best Stunts, Best Tosses, and Spirit Awards.


These awards do not come without great effort on the part of both our athletes and coaches. The coaches for the Panthers set very high standards for their cheerleaders and themselves. Our athletes learn to cheer with conviction, courage, and integrity. These skills provide them not only with a superior sense of self-esteem, character and positive attitude, but they learn to face success and failure in sports and life with grace, confidence, and the fearlessness to move forward.


Cheerleading is unlike any other sport. Each athlete must rely on every other for their safety, wellbeing and success. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the coaches to instill and inspire them with intense comradery, compassion, empathy, wisdom, and human value. Our coaching staff takes great pride in preparing these athletes in the gym, not just for the competition floor but for the rest of their lives.


Our Cheerleaders are honored to be the recipients of all the awards mentioned above.  But what we are most proud of is our dedication to our community. Through fundraising and hands on volunteer hours, our girls are learning what it means to give back to the community and help the less fortunate.  Yes, their physical skill, stamina, strength and dedication are in- fact remarkable, but most of all we are producing athletes of strong body, mind, character, responsibility and sensitivity. Our athletes are building a great foundation for today and the rest of their lives.  Visit our "contact us" page for more information on how to become a Panther.